Shipping policy

Shipping on Dorvn is free, and we ship worldwide as our items are digital and we deliver them after payment

the average shipping time is usually : 1 min – 24 hours

please note that some product may be delay due to the high demand for that product or because of the order status

Returns policy

Considering the nature of the CD key we sell , 

Refunds can only be issued if the code has not been redeemed/activated due to it’s damaged or not working. Once the code has been redeemed, no form of refund or other compensation is possible.

if you order by wrong , or if you didn’t like the CD key ,so there is no refund for this situations

Refund only issued if the code doesn’t work or somthing wrong with the keys 

“Pending Refund” means that our system is processing the request before actually issuing the refund. This process takes around 24 hours.


“Refunded” means that our system has already canceled the payment and issued the refund. Your payment platform may take up to 14 days to refund your funds once we have canceled the order.